Two Hundred Bars

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    From Spanish: "At this point, it is strange that I can think of, but a certain feeling of disbelief came over me when I heard Faze Action, this ode Noise is the first single from the debut of Two Hundred Bars, a trio collaboration between Gai Rouf (China Moondogs), SEM (saccadic Eye Motion) and Yoav Lahav (The Homesicks). That's three strangers (at least for me). Obviously, that disbelief was an overnight sensation, because not all the Ep has the same intensity as Faze Action, but only for the item, worth hearing in detail the instrumental album (minus the last track) which is apparently easier to hear the label first issue as Shoegaze / Noise-Pop, but as they move their four songs will expand its range of sounds to bring even more bizarre artists as King Crimson (Black Frost) or Brian Eno (Get me down). It is worth hearing it."

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    From Spanish: "These guys move from indie rock and shoegaze with a deep power in their sound. You can get to remind the Velvet, the Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine and a few things in that line ... I have memories of the beatles in some points. Enjoy them."

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    From Spanish: "experimental, indie rock, rock, shoegaze
    Influences: the velvet underground, television, talking heads, joy division, Human League, the beatles, my bloody valentine, brian eno, the fall, david bowie, the jesus & mary chain, sounds like a permanent cultural disaster, a slap sound."

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    Two Hundred Bars - Album review by Omer T:

    "As I write these words, the sound of a harmonica, guitars (both electric and acoustic), a tambourine and the faded out beat of a bass drum echoes in my ears in a seamless and perfect array. "Space Junkie", as they named it, is the second of a four-track self-titled debut release by Two Hundred Bars.

    Listening to these guys is truly like being in a souped-up Indian ashram which has been taken over by other worldly beings possessing a higher form of intelligence. It is their message which they want to convey. They're trying to teach us something. Something greater than ourselves. By way of this instrumental monologue, these aliens project a sense of peace.

    There's no other way to describe it. Whether you're sitting on a chair in front of a computer or laying down on your bed, these galactic mothers of sound creation will capture and captivate you. They will funnel their way to your ears, through your mind and eventually into your heart..."
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Yoav Lahav: Drums & Percussions.

Gai Roufe: BG Vocal, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Tambourine, Whistle.

S.E.M: Vocal, Electric Guitar, Sampler & effects.


released January 1, 2011

'Two Hundred Bars' is a self titled Mini Album.
A collaboration between: Yoav Lahav, Gai Roufe & Saccadic eye motion.

All songs written by S.E.M, Guy Rofe & Yoav Lahav.
Recorded live 24.05.2008 by Orpaz Agranov | | Mixing & Mastering by S.E.M. Album cover by Jacqui Limau.



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